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B2B Community Builder Show (formerly Chief Executive Connector)

Pablo Gonzalez

Nothing decreases the cost of acquisition and lifetime value of clients like a network of great relationships, and the ultimate version of that is a community designed around your clients and prospects. BUT where do you find the playbook that makes that happen? That is why this podcast exists. You'll learn that community building doesn't live in a vacuum. It has to coexist with a problem you are trying to solve, a category you are in (or better yet, designing yourself), and the culture you are building inside your organization. THE GOOD NEWS building up to it can have many short-term wins on the way, as long as you are strategic about it. This show will provide you the strategies you need to accomplish the ultimate goal of building a community around your business, and provide abilities to connect with experts in the disciplines needed to build a profitable company where ownership, employees, and clients genuinely like each other.
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